Allergy Therapy Made Easy

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To your body’s immune system, some of the harmless things in our environment today look similar to some of the more harmful things from early human history. If you have allergies in your genes, the immune system may mistake a kitten for a dangerous parasite, causing you to sneeze and your nose to run in order to get that invader out of your body.

How it Works

While all of the commonly used methods for delivering allergy immunotherapy are very
effective, the methods that use the lining of the mouth (oral mucosal immunotherapy, or
OMIT) have been found to be safer, which is why it is OK to do this treatment at home. Some people find weekly trips to the allergist’s office for shots to be inconvenient and costly, not to mention the pain and swelling caused by the injection. It’s also necessary to wait about a half an hour after your shots in the allergist’s office to monitor for a severe reaction.

Easily Allergy Toothpaste integrates seamlessly with your daily routine of tooth brushing, making it very easy to remember and so easy, even a kid can do it! To get the most out of this therapy, consistency is key. Allergy immunotherapy has also been found to be cost-effective, paying for itself over time compared to continuing to purchase daily medications. In addition, the cost of Easily Allergy Toothpaste may be applied to your Health Savings Account (HSA).


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